Sunday, April 7, 2013

BURNING by J.M. Gregoire

A Demon Legacy Short Story
by J.M. Gregoire

Burning is a short story prequel to the Demon Legacy series being written by J.M. Gregoire. I received this story from the author and immediately devoured it. It's a real short read, but a good one that leaves you anticipating the series, as well as rooting for Lucas to exact his revenge. In a very short time it gives you a decent enough amount of background to get a taste for the world Lucas and Natalia call home. I enjoyed the little time I got to spend in Gregoire's head and am looking forward to 'The Devil You Know', Book #1 of the Demon Legacy Series which is expected at this point to be coming out in June of this year.

A great big thank you to Gregoire for giving me the opportunity to read her work and allowing me to hang in her head for a little while. If you like to torture yourself with teasers for upcoming literary adventures be sure to check this out!

Be sure to swing by Gregoire's Facebook page and show some love :)

Later All!

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